Fascia and soffit repair in East Texas

The primary cause of damage to your fascia and soffits is poorly maintained gutters. The experts at Jacksonville Custom Gutters can repair any fascia and soffit damage caused by damaged or clogged gutters.

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If your gutters are clogged then they can't' perform their job properly. Gutters collect rainwater and channel it to a safe distance from your home's foundation through downpipes. When they're blocked with dead leaves, twigs and other gunk, it can be difficult for the water to flow properly.

Thus, it spills over the edge of your roof. This increases the amount of moisture in your soffits, fascia and siding—causing many issues like wood rot, mold and rust. Also, should the gutters become too filled with debris, they'll be very heavy and eventually collapse. This will cause serious damage to your fascia.

We offer our clients quality, dependable, and trustworthy fascia installation and repair services throughout East Texas, and we will address each issue as if it were our own house being repaired.

Signs of Damage

Rodents and insects are getting into your home

Visible bird, rodent, or insect nests

Peeling, chipped, and flaking paint or finish

Leaking or damaged gutters

Ventilation issues in your home, like excess condensation

HVAC system working too hard

Discoloration and staining

Leaf guards

Our leaf guards that are installed within the seamless gutter will help prevent the gutter from clogging up over time, causing water to back up and flow over the edges of the gutter.

fascia and soffit repair

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